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Giant Schnauzer color pepper and salt

Terravirtus Datum Line


WDS-2013 (Budapest, World Cup 2013), winning in the class сhampions.
Preparation for the tests on FPR 1
International dog show CACIB «Eurasia -2013» Moscow Russia. (Compare for best of breed)
International dog show CACIB «Eurasia -2013» Moscow Russia (CAC, CACIB)
Schnauzer Specialty 2012 Mogilev Belarus.

Testing of *

Date Place Test Class Judge Result
1 22.10.2011 St. Petersburg (Russia) CAC intermediate Kosareva O. (Russia) excellent,CW,CAC
2 20.11.2011 St. Petersburg (Russia) CAC intermediate Ivan Dimitriv (Serbia) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
3 28.11.2011 St. Petersburg (Russia) CAC intermediate Pokrovskaya J. (Russia) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
4 29.04.2012 Mogilev (Belarus)) CAC open Petkeviciene R (Lithuania) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
5 29.04.2012 Mogilev (Belarus)) mono CAC open Sarmont T. (Belarus) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
6 16.06.2012 Brest (Belarus) CAC winners Zhuk G. (Belarus) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
7 18.06.2012 Baranovichi (Belarus) CAC winners Fedorov (Belarus) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
8 28.07.2012 Слоним (Belarus) CAC winners Aizen I. (Belarus) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
9 25.08.2012 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB open Vassiliev O. (Russia) excellent, CW, САС, CACIB, BOS, BOB
10 26.08.2012 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB open Tripoli Salvatore (Italy) excellent, CW, САС, CACIB, BOS
11 16.09.2012 Brest (Belarus) CAC winners Malgorzata Zakrewska (Poland) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-3,BIS "Fauna"-2
12 16.03.2013 Bereza (Belarus) CAC сhampions E. Borisova (Belarus) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-2
13 23.03.2013 Moscow (Russia) CACIB сhampions Roger Venhonaker (Belgium) excellent,CW,CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB, CH. Eurasia, RKF, Nominated for Crufts
14 17.05.2013 Будапешт (Hungary) CACIB, WDS-2013 сhampions Cristian Stefanescu (Romania) excellent,CW,CAC
15 12-13.07.2014 Warshava(Poland) CACIB сhampions Anna Kochan (Poland) excellent,CW, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB
16 20.07.2014 Bereza (Belarus) CAC сhampions Zhuk G. (Belarus) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-2
17 26.07.2014 Molodechno (Belarus) mono CAC сhampions Maria Gvozdieva (Ukrain) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-10
18 26.07.2014 Molodechno (Belarus) CAC сhampions Igoris Zizevskis (Lithuania) excellent,CW,CAC, BOS, BOB
19 08.08.2014 Helsenki (Finland) CACIB, WDS-2014 сhampions Bo Skalin (Sweden) отлично, CW, RCAC, RCACIB, BIS-2, vice-WW-14


Champion of Belarus
champion of Russia
Winner of Belarus - 2012

RKF Champions

Champion of Eurasia -2013

Nominated for Crufts
Champion Class Winner at the World Dog Show-2013. Budapest
Poland champion (In registration)
International champion(In registration)
Breed Champion
Grand Champion of Belarus
Vice WW - 2014


Nickname: Terravirtus Datum Line
Date of birth: 25.01.2010г.
Breeder: Morosova V.
Birth place: St. Petersburg, Russia
Height: 61 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Girth of wrist: 12 см
Health and Testing of *:

Detailed pedigree

Highslide JS Arpad v Larry's Hutte
Arpad v Larry's Hutte
Kbsg, DtCh, VDHCh

Color: ps
Wurft.: 06.08.06
Highslide JS Aron Polonus Rankor
Aron Polonus Rankor
IntCh, ISPU ,Winner'00'03,
ChPl, Sk

Color: ps
Bew.: V
Wurft.: 08.01.98
Highslide JS Sultan v d Havenstad
Sultan v d Havenstad
ChPl, EuroW'00
Ramona Rama Staszel
Imme v Alt Herrenwyk
Color: ps
Bew.: V
Wurft.: 24.09.02
Highslide JS Humphrey v Argosstolz
Humphrey v Argosstolz
ISPU-sg,ISPU-Kbsg, DtCh,
KbSg, VDH-Ch

Color: ps
Bew.: V
Wurft.: 28.09.98
Highslide JS
Samantha v Moisburger Berg
Samantha v Moisburger Berg
JjSg, DtCh, JSg-01, KbSg

Bew.: V
Wurft.: 31.12.98
Highslide JS Terravirtus Afrodita
Terravirtus Afrodita, Ch RusJ, Rus, Blr, Lv, Lt, Est, Blt, Mld, Fin

Color: ps
Eyes clear -2009
Wurft.: 26.10.06
Highslide JS Atlas von terra Baloun
Atlas von terra Baloun
Kbsg, Dt.Ch, VDH-Ch
VPG-1, SchH-1, IPO-1, IPO-2

Color: ps
Bew.: V
Wurft.: 11.07.01
Highslide JS Pan von Elberfeld
Pan von Elberfeld
Color: ps
Bew.: SG
Wurft. 25.09.98
Highslide JS Alexa Aus der Uckermark
Alexa Aus der Uckermark
Bsg.-Esg, Jsg.Kbs, Dt.Ch, VDH-Ch.

Color: ps
HD: 0
Bew.: V
Wurft.: 25.06.97
Highslide JS Vivien von Schloss Letitia
Vivien von Schloss Letitia, Ch RusJ, Rus, Bel, Ukr,
Lv, Lt, Mld, Pol, BiH, Mon, Fin, Est,

Color: ps
HD:A2 ED:0
Wurft.: 17.09.03
Highslide JS Borris vom Luther See
Borris vom Luther See
Color: ps
Wurft. 03.07.00
Highslide JS Henriette von den Hohenackern
Henriette von den Hohenackern
Color: ps
Bew.: V
Wurft.: 14.04.01