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News 2013

31.12 Кennel Firesilver wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wants to execution of desires to all your friends as the future and real!


17.12 Pleased to announce that we will again delight you in TOP calendars 2014 version zooportala PETS BY.


23.11 we were attending a seminar on IPO famous Ukrainian coach Alex Viatkin in Minsk. Alex have a talent coach, knowledge of modern methods of dog training, years of experience, the work of the breeder for over 30 years - these qualities plus talent teacher seminars make it extremely productive, laid out the problem by atoms and molecules.
Vyatkin,, which is important - the coach who thinks constantly developing his skill thanks to a training copious of activity in the post Soviet space.
Alex does not skimp on the knowledge, has a clear life position is an interesting conversationalist.  Probably all these facts together help him to solve difficult problems, to work so keenly and gently with dogs.
We were glad to see old friends and meet new friends. Participation we took the dog, which runs we trained - American Pit Bull Terrier Bravo Fighter Real Rock Star (Zena) proprietress of Kanberg N.
Read more here .

12.10 seminar was held in Minsk on IPO with Tatiana Pravda and Julian Gata.
Tatiana has a sportsman and Judge KSU . Julian Gata successful coach, sportsmen and figurant. Lecturers have a lot of wins and top places at competitionh rank CACIT, one of them is a worthy place in the World Cup 2013 Belgian Shepherds. Prepared their dog took seventh place.
The seminar was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere. We participated with a dog that runs in our training - American Pit Bull Terrier Bravo Fighter Real Rock Star (Zena) proprietress of Kanberg N.
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18.08 First in Brest BGKTS «Fauna» held Republican qualifying competition and tests on BH/VT and IPO1-3. The event was held at one of the best stadiums in the city, which hosted the European Championship in field hockey - Stadium «Builder». Sportsmen came from all over Belarus in Brest. It was a true celebration of sport. Very pleased that there was a real friendly atmosphere that is more than combined with healthy competition, without which there can be a sport. All dogs have proved excellent, received positive results of their work. In between partitions were demonstration performances on dog Frisbee. For the ordinary philistine it was spectacular and bright. True viewers were few. Let's hope that this event is only the beginning, and competent dog training will be interested in increasing the amount of people performing a kind of propaganda. As cover the event made by the following mass media:
Judging team was represented by judges RKF:
Assistant working qualities Paul Zorkin and the chief judge Elena Nikiforova. Photo and Video detailed report, see here .

16-17.08 Kennel Firesilver with friends held a seminar Russian coach, helper RKF sportsman on IPO - Pavel Zorkin. The seminar was held in a cozy place near Brest in the village in a recreation center Pestchatka «No problem.» Read more here .

22.07 We got our first litter A - Giant Schnauzers color pepper and salt in our kennel Firesilver from Terravirtus Datum Line and Anton vom Rangau.
It was born 3 females and 1 male, mother and puppies are doing well. Read more here

15.06 in Brest held the national show of all dog breeds, in which we took part. In parallel to this day there were three National Specialty Show: retrievers and spaniels, terriers and Chinese crested dogs. 
Dog shows were organized OO BGKTS «Fauna», represented by S. Kanaeva.
Our Reis von Weissnachte participated in the show marathon too.
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09.06 in Minsk held a seminar on dog Frisbee with Sergey Gurov.
Sergey - chief coach and director of Moscow club «Sozvezdie lovchih psov». Multiple champion of Russia on dog Frisbee in various disciplines. Gurov ranked first last three consecutive years in the Moscow ranking RADF (Russian Association of Dog Frisbee).
Sergey Gurov with dog whippet Roy took 1st place in open classes in throwing for distance and one place with Malinois Lina on the rolls on the accuracy of the Championship of Russia 2011.
Sergey Gurov with Malinois Lina took 1st place in the open class in throwing for distance and 1 place rolls on the accuracy of the Championship of Russia 2012.
Gurov belongs RADF absolute record on the rolls at a range of men: 76.6 meters.
Sergey Gurov one of the most famous athletes, as most importantly, talented trainers on dog Frisbee.
Today, dog Frisbee in Belarus has its fans and supporters. Like any kind of dog disciplines in our country it is only growing and growing stronger. The more pleasant meeting with a man like Sergei.
In any sport especially important coaches. After all, when the child comes to the sports section, he can not develope, namely coach helps him to grow, remains near in the most sad and happy moments.
Sport develops when there work professionals. These are people who are not only good in his skills, but also those who strongly advocate its direction. Such professional is Sergey Gurov, sincerely loving dog Frisbee.
We are glad have been meeting and training in Minsk.

25.05 in Bobruisk was celebrated sports - official tests and competition for BH/VT and IPO 1-3. Judge Stanislav Benishek made ​​a positive experience was very pleasant and comfortable work. Happy for the winners, for the excellent work of many dogs. Thanks to the organizers and Mr. Benisheku internship opportunities for figurant. Thanks Mikhail Fedorovich Golovach for support. Sports alive in Belarus. And as we say in our hands.

16-20.05 We took part in Word Dog Show 2013, which took place this year in Budapest . Our road lay through three countries - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary. All the way, we tried to visit interesting places and do a lot of photos, video. Photo and video report about our stay called Budapest WDS-2013 offer see here.
On the whole dog show like it. For me it was like the trade fair. The combination of strict style in the ring, with crafts bazaar street and exhibition halls with a huge range of products. Today such forums - a great tool to position itself in the market for businesses and accessories manufacturers. And customers choose the right products and interesting for yourself.
Exhibition halls are divided into sections. FCI group were divided into days. Catalog one day reached to 10 000 dogs and more. I, as an event organizer, was wondering how has the job in the direction of distribution of people. There was no fuss, rings were free around the rings was not clutter, stood next to the bench where everyone could sit and watch the scene. Everyone had something to do: you can visit the bazaar, fair, try local cuisine and of course to see the work of other participants and exhibitors. Minus in organizing the event and gave a crush on all veterinary control, a three-hour traffic jam on the road from the parking lot. Many fell asleep from exhaustion in a traffic jam, which further complicated the the movement.
It was nice that at every step spoke in Russian. I am glad that our countrymen and nearest neighbors are actively developing and participating in such a large forum.
We were very glad to go into the ring with the masters of their craft, which is more than 20 years involved in breeding Giant Schnauzers. It was nice to see more than 20 riesenschnautzers color pepper and salt. Suppose different type, for wool, mentality, but visible in one location. Our Terravirtus Datum Line excellent shown itself on Budapest WDS-2013, winning the class shampions.
Read more here.

26-27.04 We visited Moscow for work. Very pleased that thanks to our friends we were able to communicate and probation specialists-figurants: Melehova Sergei and Vladimir Chernov. For that express gratitude to the coaches!

23.03 «Eurasia -2013» is the largest continental Dog Show was held in Moscow. Dog Show collects on world class show dog breeders every year. The number of participants ranged from 10 to 14 thousand dogs as judges are invited leading experts from Russia and other countries. The largest in the CIS Dog not indifferent to world cynological community, attracting participants as dog owners from Western countries, Japan, India and even Australia.
Sports and gaming performances are also on «Eurasia -2013». Held a contest for young handlers, fancy dress parade, circus acts. The detailed coverage of events interested many television programs, mostly still Russian. Leader of the domestic dog expert media - journal «Friend» - during the «Eurasia » awards the dog that best characterizes the concept of publishing - the best friend of his master.
The highlight of the show dog eating contest «Pride of Russia», the selection of which is carried out among the best representatives of domestic breeds: Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd, South Russian and East European Shepherd, Moscow Watchdog, Black Russian Terrier, Russian Borzoi, Russian piebald hound, huskies, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, and others.
Besides canine activities «Eurasia» is a large-scale PR campaign companies to produce zoo goods: the best time to sell their produce is hard to find, and thus - in parallel exhibition halls are crowded tent with the widest selection of all that soul could wish dog owner. In addition to commercial interests in «Eurasia»activated representatives of public organizations and movements whose activities are somehow connected with cynology (social animal shelters, journals and other publishers).
Our Terravirtus Datum Line participated in this dog show. Was honored by the highest awards - has received CACIB, Best of Breed - Champion Eurasia 2013, RKF Champion closed and was qualified for Crufts! Read more here.

16.03 On this day in Bereza hosted the annual Republican dog show all breeds. Terravirtus Datum Line participated in the dog show. Was honored wonderful reviews of the Polish expert Peter Krol: «Very beautiful dog, rare breed» and worthy place in Group 2 FCI. Read more here.

08-09.03 in Brest hosted a seminar Vitaly Bielski - «The Secret to Successful Handling.». The organizers had kennel FireSilver.
Vitaly Belsky - one of the most famous Ukrainian and Russian handlers. Vitaly devoted much of his life to the dogs.
Vitaly 25 years in cynology. He has successfully led to the prestigious dog shows as a handler. With their wards won many victories in the Best in the largest dog shows.
Vitaly Belsky - a successful Breeder. Dog breeding his win at the major dog shows, differ a great type, temperament and, of course, the ideal dressage ring. Vitaly perfectly versed in anatomy, biomechanics, breed types and their features.
Belsky - is an international expert FCI . He is one of the first in Ukraine introduced tactics European international refereeing. In the past few years, Vitaly constantly judging Junior Handler competition - one of the toughest final competitions, as children always deserve great attention and discretion in judging.
Teaching Handling - one of the main areas of its activity. In teaching methods Vitaly huge role to individual psychology and personality. Inspire!-Is his favorite method of teaching.
  His great passion for his work makes Vitaly quickly and easily establish contact with both people and dogs.

  How did the workshop can be seen here

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Happy to announce that for us was a real victory, getting our dogs in TOP calendar 2013 version zoo portal PETS BY