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News 2014


Кennel Firesilver wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wants to execution of desires to all your friends as the future and real!


29-30.11 Kennel Firesilver held a workshop on Handling with Mia Ejerstad (Italy) in Brest.
Mia - the stunning teacher, having available approach to presenting information.
Real representative and founder of the Western School Handling. Mia has a perfect technique show dogs: lightness, grace and ease with which she works - surprising and fascinating.
With all - is a simple and easy-to-person communication, sincerely devoted himself to dogs.
Mia won about a thousand Best in Show. She won BIS at almost every important European Dog Show, and the vast majority of with different breeds. She has several hundred titles World and European Champion.
No exception last the World Dog Show in Helsinki.
Mia has never been afraid to get started with rare and «strange» breeds: she became the first handler in the world, who won BIS with Lagotto Romagnolo, and BIS with Azawakh - the first and only handler working with this breed and not living with a dog in the same house. The same Azawakh become Top Dog of the Year in Italy.
Today Berner Sennenhund and Border Collie - rightful winners and participants of groups and Best. Mia was the first handler won BIS with these breeds in Europe.

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22-23.11 We visited Minsk, where were these days, two international Dog Show of rank CACIB - «BELARUS - 2014» & «AUTUMN - 2014».

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15.11 We visited to Smolensk thanks to our friends, where were two Dog Shows of rank CAC.

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08-09.11 Sports festival was held in Brest!
Brest club «Fauna» will hold tests under specifications BH/VT, IPO, FH. Russian obidiens, protective guard duty in Brest.

The best sportsmen of the republic, guests from Ukraine and Russia, friendly atmosphere, exciting launch party, healthy competition. All this is waiting for anyone who came in those days to the SC «Locomotive».
Many athletes arrived early and were able to stay in the picturesque farmsteads within a radius of 10 to 15 km from the main venue of the event along with the dogs.
The sportsmen could be kneaded on the additional stadium on the day before the main event.
Anyone could get maximum enjoyment from the work on the selected coverage for the track. Tillage winter crops - the most common variant in the region of Belarus. To conduct a workout on the track was where, for example, a huge field with the same coating was across the street from the place of settlement participants.
The weather is not pleased, but did not influence the spirit of sport participants and spectators.
Tent with chairs, hot drinks and lunch at the expense of the sponsors were prepared for the participants in the main stadium. The building of the sports complex could ride out the vagaries of the weather and keep warm. The tests were organized stream on time. Participants were called by radio equipment, so that all the necessary information was perfectly audible.

General sponsor of the company «Kinologprofi» director Igor Repetuev (Mogilev). Just attended a private sponsor treats for dogs and some investors who wanted to remain anonymous.

The opening ceremony was sounded the national anthem of the Republic of Belarus and the national flag was raised. Guests and sponsors say parting words to the participants.

Judicial brigade was presented:
Chief Judge - Elena Nikiforova (Russia),
assistant judge on the working qualities - Leonid Birin (Russia) and Vyacheslav Litovchenko (Ukraine).

The main incentive prizes went to the following nominations:
The best obedience the qualification tests - Galitskaya Yu. Doberman, Aviva Dolce Pear, BH / VT.
The best tracking - Koshelev A., German Shepherd, Judge Kiridesja, IPO-3.
The best protection - Repetuev I.,German Shepherd, Byrka v. Tiekerhook, IPO-2.
The best couple - Novik V., German Shepherd, Raido Algiz Eustace, IPO-3.
Nominations were determined not by the number of points, and on the status and quality of work of the dog at the discretion of the Chief Judge.

It should be noted in the opening of a new sports discipline in Belarus - FH, which debuted Igor Repetuev with German Shepherd, Vero v. Tiekerhook.

Today, we can rightly say that a professional cynological sport in our country is finally born.
It's nice that athletes from Russia and Ukraine began to visit the Belarusian tests and competitions. This means one thing - the level of increases. Maybe soon it will reach CACT and CACIT. Like to wish not only Brest and Mogilev be centers of such events, but actively to catch up to other cities of Belarus.
And in sports let the strongest wins. The world around us operates friendship.

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04-05.10 We participated in the Republican competitions on BH / VT and IPO 1-3 in Mogilev.

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21.09 We attended a seminar - training no single winners of the World on IPO team kennel «Graziano». The seminar was held in a very friendly and positive atmosphere. We saw an interesting work of many worthy dogs belonging to the Belarusian owners.

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20.09In Brest, underwent a series of dog shows: National Dog Show of «Beresteiska Fall -2014». National Dog Show of Breeds of domestic security. National Dog Show of Companions and toys. National Dog Show of Laika Spitz and protatipov, was organized by the club «Fauna».

We have participated in this fest with their dogs, as well as with our clients who are pass in our training. Congratulations to the organizers for a great holiday, dog owners with excellent results, we express gratitude to the judges for their excellent refereeing.

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08-10.08 These days in Helsinki (Finland), held the main World Dog Show -2014, which was attended by a record number of dogs - 23 000 participants from 60 countries of the world.

Our road followed by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. In Finland we crossed on the ferry. This is a tremendous High Speed Craft, the height of 10-storey building, which accommodates 450 cars, of different categories, and more than 1,500 people on board. The ferry departs from the port of Tallinn, swims 88 km by sea and arrives at the port of Helsinki.

Helsinki, rightfully Russian city. Many Russian churches and cathedrals. Buildings riddled with Russian culture of the late 19th century in many respects resembling the northern capital of Russia. Like a promenade with numerous schooners, yachts and ships.

We rode through the Russian return. Struck Finnish-Russian border, the passage of which took us 1:00 time. For comparison, exit Poland in this time lasted 7 hours !!! And as always, how much of it do not attend, an unrivaled Saint Petersburg !!!

About Dog Show! The largest group of participants - more than 10 thousand, represented by Finland. They were followed by Russia - more than 4 thousand participants, Sweden - almost 2000 dogs. In addition to dogs from the European countries, at a dog show were presented as dogs from Australia, Peru, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada, the Philippines and Japan. Was 51 participants from Belarus, it is the 23th place in the ranking of countries.

Finland can be called really a country where dogs are very fond. Here you can find rare breeds of dogs on the streets. People with dogs in every park, restaurant. Special place has on the ferry where you can walk the dogs. By this love was riddled World Dog Show in 2014, the organization of which was at a high level. The main thing, as always, the venue. This is a huge exhibition complex with multi-level parking, cafes and restaurants, «in the city the city», which placed 100 spacious rings! The staff spoke excellent in Russian and English, was very friendly. Crowds on reception was not, because the reception was e. Each participant with a dog were sent electronic numbers in advance, which carried out a pass for a dog show. The spectators bought tickets separately at the box office or online shop.

Producers of products for dogs were well represented at the dog show. You could buy everything your heart desires. Personally, we hit the animal painter, who painted in an amazing technique different breeds of dogs.

Finnish national breed - Finnish lapphund by quantity of participants - more than 500 dogs surpassed all other breeds and has been the most widely presented at the World Dog Show -2014. Lots of rings on the breeds contain more than 150 participants, a better could select more than 6 hours!

Together with the dog show was held World Championship of Obedience. August 6 and 7 participants competed in the exhibition complex of the city of Helsinki, the final was held on August 8 in Energy Arena City of Vantaa. Participation in the World Championship of Obedience has taken about 100 people from 20 different countries. Another World Championship, but the dancing with dogs, was also in the exhibition hall of Helsinki on August 6-7. It was attended by 50 participants from 9 countries.

Giant Schnauzer of color pepper and salt was not much. The judge was from Sweden. Bo Skalin is the owner of the kennel Skabona, which specializes including at breeding schnauzers. Examination was very strict.

We participated with a dog: Giant Schnauzer of color pepper and salt Terravirtus Datum Line, which became the Vice World Winner 2014.

This is a great victory for the kennel and the result is a lot of work for 8 years. Wanted to say thanks to the kennel Terravirtus , and personally the Morozov family for a wonderful dog, thank all of our teachers in grooming and Handling. Say thank you to all our friends for their support.

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26.07 We visited the city Molodechno where in this day took place five dog shows:
PA «MKS» Championship on breed corgi, National Dog Show molosses, Regional Dog Show.
OOLZH «Victoria» National Dog Show Schnauzer and Pinscher, National Dog Show of all breeds.
It should be noted the good organization of the rings, well-coordinated work of assistants and judges. Mechanism worked like clockwork.

Thank you to everyone who helped us in the ring and outside the rings, special thanks to the photographer Svetlana for great photos.

We participated with two dogs: Giant Schnauzer color pepper and salt Terravirtus Datum Line and Siberian Husky Annabelle Goddes Kingdom Navjord.

Terravirtus Datum Line closed Breed Champion and Grand Champion of Belarus.

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20.07 Two national dog show - all breed show and terrier show have passed this day in Bereza Belarus. I want to say, was really hot. The temperature in the shade was 30 degrees of Celsius. In such terms themselves hard to move around, let alone the dogs.

Truly the heroes of the day were the judge - Ayditiene Julia (Lithuania) and Galina Zhuk (Belarus), which are not gone into the shadows to relax for a second. One can only struck by the true strength of the judges.

Personally for us, holiday was a success, despite all the difficulties. We spent a lovely photo session with a group of Siberian Husky, wonderfully to vacationed with his family, have met old and new friends.

We participated with two dogs: Giant Schnauzer color pepper and salt Terravirtus Datum Line and Siberian Husky Annabelle Goddes.
Congratulations to breeder Naverd Elena Elena and owner Sushko with stable, competitively show «Bella».

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12-13.07We attended the International Dog Show CACIB, which took place near the capital of Poland in the suburbs of Warsaw. This cozy place where people go horseback riding, has placed about 2,600 participants. Rings were located in green areas, I personally reminded separate small show with their audience and participants.
Apart rings, Poles organized trade in accessories, which was represented by numerous goods.
Was a national Polish cuisine is many sausages and meat dishes which is famous for Poland.
As well was not without sports. In these days of passed tournament in agility, which was attended by sportsman from Belarus.
But the most important thing that I can say, high-end dog of Poland and participants from CIS countries, including from Brest.
We participated with two dogs of our kennel Terravirtus Bogatyr and Terravirtus Datum Line. Terravirtus Datum Line closed of International Champion and Champion of Poland.

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12.07 Our friends kennel «von Weissnachte» offer professionally grown schnauzer puppies color «pepper and salt».
Two litters, birth 7 and 9 June 2014. Pedigree, tattoo, vetpasport, vaccinations, by age. Puppies receive only natural food: goat milk and curd.

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28.06 We congratulate pair that learns from us, Galina Safronova and Alsatian dog HARD Guard Julius with a successful test on Obedience-1 in Lida.

We wish you continued success.


03-04.05 in Mogilev held qualifying competitions and tests on IPO 1-3 and BH / VT. Judging team was from Ukraine. Chief Judge - Alexander Koshelev, helpers to protect Litovchenko Vyacheslav and Alexander Uvarov.

In the competition was stated 33 participants, 17 of them in different sections of the IPO, which is really pleasing.
Today is safe to say about the existence the Belarusian school training dogs, which closely combines - philosophy of work with dog and humans in IPO.
Appears literate trainers and conductors, and that enormously important to excellent quality dogs. With a great temperament and unique desire to work.

We participated with two dogs – Terravirtus Bogatyr and Bravo Fighter Real Rock Star (Zena).

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29.04 Kennel Firesilver again invited to the training of our friend Timur Vissarionov (Minsk Belarus).

Vissarionov Timur - instructor the training of dogs, specialty protective work. Training dogs began to be engaged in 1992, while serving in the internal troops. Since 2000 actively participated in the competitions «Russian Ring» as a sportsman. Since 2002, competed in «Russian Ring» of different levels as a figurant, including in Russia. Engaged in preparing of dogs for different types of service, training dogs to test. Preparing dogs in protective sections APS, «Russian Ring», «Belarusian Ring», IPO, ZKS. The tester of KINOLOGPROFI figurant. Holds numerous trainings and seminars, both in Belarus and abroad.

It should be noted that almost all Belarusian Different breeds of dogs, leading today to start, go through the training of Timur. We were glad to meet. And many thanks to him for his work and experience.

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12-13.04 Kennel Firesilver with friends held a seminar on the handling with Tatiana Kulahmeteva.

Kulahmeteva - top handler of with a worldwide reputation, breeder, zoo psychologist, an expert judge for working qualities, the judge in the young handling system of RKF

Productive experience working with dogs for 30 years.

Every year travels in the U.S. and other countries in the world for collaboration and work as a leading professional handler in kennels with different breeds of dogs. Hold specialized seminars on Handling in different cities.

For many years, won with their pets except Best of rings in various sports competitions for the title: National Champion, Champion of Moscow, Union Champion, Champion of Baltic.

Among the titles won by four-legged participants of different breeds under the guidance of Tatiana Kulahmeteva:
International Champion, America, European champions, vice-champion of Europe, Vice World Junior Champion, Vice World Champion, World Champion titles as well - the winners of different national dog show: Russia, USA, Canada, Latin America, Argentina, Mexico , Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia; multiple «Baltic Winner», «NordikVinner» multiple winners of the «Best in Show».

Is co-owner of the kennel «Lekkou»

Included in the special edition «Whos - who of professional» American Biographical Institute in 2003 as an outstanding personality.

Tatiana - a unique, multi-faceted man; teacher having the ability to see people's subconscious, which allows it to send potential student in back on track for work. Technique of Tatiana - leaves no one indifferent. It comes from the understanding of the dog, understanding the pros and cons, as well as the ability of the handler to set goals, to search for ways and solutions to abstract and go beyond the limits problems and system of conventional wisdom. The method requires individuals and lecturer of the maximum productivity, because it is so - max - you can become and be professional. Level of knowledge that was given to the lecturer is very high, as it intersects with the multifaceted practice of Tatiana, , its hard work on themselves, which still continues to be. The only question lies in our ability to accept and understand that knowledge.

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01.03 Baranovichy club «Polessye» held annual fest of dog shows: Republican Dog Show, Dog Molos Republican, Republican Dog Spitz and their prototypes.
Our Firesilver Astarta Love and War participated in the Republican Dog Show of all breeds.

02.02 On this day in Bereza hosted the annual Dog Show. Our Firesilver Astarta Love and War participated in the National dog show. She has taken a worthy place in Best 1 puppies of all breeds. For details, see here.