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News 2015


The Vaysnehte kennel was born just two litters Schnauzer color pepper and salt:

29.10.2015 - 2 males and 4 females.
Dronas Irbit Х Freya von Weissnachte

23.10.2015 - 3 males and 3 females.
Ankor Courage Forward Х Юника фон Weissnachte

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Reserving puppies? welcome!

25-26.09 The workshop of Ivan Balabanov held in Brest
Ivan Balabanov (USA) - Sportsman №1 for IPO in the past 10 years in the US, is also included in the top 10.
Ivan has a professional breeder of Belgian Shepherds 1989, Kennel Ot Vitosha.
Many dogs with this prefix serve K9 police across America, in the Army all over the world, are used for personal protection bodyguards dog in the sport, and at the same time possessing a unique character are the best friends of the family.
Author of several of modern methods of dog training.
The author of the famous book «Advanced Schutzhund»
International Judge FCI for IPO (Bulgaria)
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05-06.09 Jrasa Cejka -held a seminar in Brest
Jras Cejka born and raised in the family of the founders of the company HST, who knows a lot about the sport.
Active in working with dogs started with 15 years at the professional level - 19 years.
Jras Cejka has more than 10 years in the sport, as a person involved in the coach. He participated in many high level competitions.
Cejka holds seminars in Germany, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Slovakia, the Czech Republic.
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03-05.07 Brest Club «Fauna» spent «Kinologprofi Cup - 2015» - IPO 3 - CACT and tests according to the standards BH / VT, IPO 1-3, FH 1- 2, IPO-FH, OKD, ZKS.
Belarus sportsmen been preparing for this event of any one year. And it is this event - held rank CACT competition in IPO-3 - «Kinologprofi Cup - 2015» in Belarus.
The total number of participants, who were 18 people. Total number of participants on all kinds of more than 45 people in the catalog. This is a significant, symbolic number of sports with a dog in Belarus.
The event was made possible not because of a handful of enterprising people, as many people think. And because the Belarusian sport has become well off as a sport. Our athletes over the years have been increasingly involved in international competitions of various levels, and the competition to get good scores. We were other dogs, dogs are another dozen. Thanks to them we have at the bar higher. Expand the number of places for the training with dogs in Belarus, where the dogs understand, now they are not two as before, and at times more like the talented Belarusian coaches.
Do not forget that a good step was the holding of the first qualifying - public trials in Brest, Bobruisk, Mogilev.
It is all that, and then a small initiative helped make CACT.

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14.06 The cynological festival was held in Molodechno: several national dog shows and championships of different groupsFCI

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30.05National Dog Show was held under the auspices of the club's Argus in Brest

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22-24.05 We attended a seminar Tatiana Pravdy and Julian Gatala in Minsk - Ukraine's top athletes on IPO.

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17.05 Several dog shows were held in Brest.
We participated with dogs that we are preparing. Congratulations to the owners with excellent results of pets.

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06.04 Always gladly visit old friends, socialize, train. Get new knowledge.
«Kinologprofi», company held a seminar Russian pathfinder, organizer of the World Championship of IPO-FH 2015 - Zhirkevicha Sergei (Moscow, Russia) in Mogilev

21-22.03 These days, we visited one of the biggest dog shows of the world and the continent, one of the main canine events of the year - International Dog Show «Eurasia - 2015»!
Russian Federation Cynological holds a grand show in 1991. For more than two decades, from year to year for the event from all over Russia and abroad brings together experienced breeders, handlers and groomers - professional dog breeding, feed producers and accessories for dogs.
During this time the team RFC was a lot of work.
The most important thing this place. It was found a beautiful lounge room - Crocus Expo in Krasnogorsk. Work has been done to introduce Canine, dog culture in the mass public, which gave such multi-faceted opportunities.
Dog Training business has been transferred from the rank of the local party in a full-scale large and ambitious project, which includes major corporations and players. Each participant in it has complete freedom of their actions, their profits, giving this development, until the damage simple layman.
Not for nothing International Canine Federation has entrusted to hold World Dog Show 2016 in Moscow, Russian.

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15.03 Congratulations dogs of Firesilver and their owners!!!

National Dog Show in Minsk
Giant Schnauzer color pepper and salt
Firersilver Artemida Strong Girl
The owner - Elena Mazur.


06-07.03 In those days there was a training for the IPO in Brest with Oleg Makarov.
Oleg is an instructor for training dogs, figurant, judge RCF working qualities.
Makarov, Master of Sports of Russia in sports and crafts dog breeding. Active athlete. Deals in training for sports IPO and normative acts in the world champions with his dog breed Malinois - Vyatkins Snap.
Conducts individual and group lessons on obedience, protection and correction of behavior of dogs.
Author of articles for the magazine «World of Training».
In 2014, member of the World Championship of all breeds FCI WC IPO
In 2014 Russian Championship IPO-3 took the:
1st place in the section - obedience
2nd place - the overall standings for the IPO-3.

Thanks to Oleg and all our friends for a positive training.

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11.01 We visited in Minsk. Where in this day held a seminar on the theme: «The rules of international user testing and of search dogs IPO».
Seminar was held by active sportsman, the organizer of international competitions in Russia, International Judge on working qualities RKF-FCI, delegate RKF in the Commission FCI on the user of dog breeding - Zhirkevich Sergey (Moscow, Russia). The seminar was organized «OO Bobruisk City club », represented by Victor Kovalevsky.

Many thanks to Sergey for a a capacious and informative workshop. You have truly carried away by and hooked.
They say that the theory is always boring and dry, no, believe me not. In this regard, much depends on Rapporteur their preparedness and literacy of hallowed part thereof question the promise of energy embedded in every word, charismatic and flexibility, the ability to answer the case study on any question.

It was nice to see all the athletes. Only unity, patronage more skilled comrades from different countries can lead our sport to further development. And this kind of event is good to the stimulus.

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