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Reis von Weissnachte



National Dog Show Best in Group II FCI Brest 2013

Testing of *

Date Place Test Class Judge Result
1 05.05.2007 Brest (Belarus) CAC junior Aizen I. (Belarus) excellent, CW, JCAC
2 03.06.2007 Minsk (Belarus) mono CAC junior Patrina M.(Russia) excellent
3 15.07.2007 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB junior Shiyan V. (Ukraine) excellent, CW, JCAC
4 17.06.2007 Baranovichi (Belarus) CAC junior V. Verbitsky (Belarus) excellent, CW, JCAC, BOJ, BOB
5 19.08.2007 Brest (Belarus) CAC junior Zhuk G. (Belarus) excellent, CW, JCAC, BOJ, BOB
6 08.09.2007 Brest (Belarus) CAC junior E. Borisov (Belarus) excellent, CW, JCAC, BOJ, BOB, BIG-4, BIJ-6
7 03.11.2007 Minsk (Belarus) mono CAC winners Vertinskaya O.(Lithuania) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS
8 03.11.2007 Minsk (Belarus) CAC winners Kisliakov A. (Belarus) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
9 17.11.2007 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB intermediate Erusalimskiy E. (Russia) very good
10 16.12.2007 Minsk (Belarus) CAC intermediate ??? (???) excellent, CW, САС, BOS
11 16.12.2007 Minsk (Belarus) CAC intermediate Kisliakov A. (Belarus excellent, CW, САС, BOS, BOB
12 23.12.2007 Baranovichi (Belarus) CAC winners A. Zhuk (Belarus) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
13 03.02.2008 Bereza (Belarus) CAC winners Kislyakova O. (Belarus) excellent, CW, САС, BOS, BOB
14 05.04.2008 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB open Petkevica Beata (Latvia) excellent
15 06.04.2008 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB open Barbosov K. (Russia) excellent
16 20.07.2008 Hmelnitskii (Ukraine) CACIB сhampions Marek Lewandowski (Poland) excellent, CW, CAC, CACIB, BIS, BOB, BIG-2
17 29.06.2008 Brest (Belarus) CAC сhampions Abrazovsky (Belarus) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-3
18 27.09.2008 Brest (Belarus) CAC сhampions Livij Vaitkevichienea (Belarus) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
19 08.11.2008 Minsk (Belarus) mono CAC winners Sedykh N. (Russia) excellent, CW, CAC
20 15.11.2008 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB сhampions Liliane de Ridder-Onhena (Belgium) excellent
21 08.02.2009 Baranovichi (Belarus) CAC сhampions Senashenko E. (Russia) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
22 17.05.2009 Brest (Belarus) CAC сhampions Korobkova (Russia) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
23 06.06.2009 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB сhampions Ramalho Diogo(Portugal) excellent, CW, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB
24 07.06.2009 Minsk (Belarus) CACIB сhampions Fedorov Valentin(Belarus) excellent-2
25 29.11.2009 Minsk (Belarus) CAC сhampions Nijole Zieniene (Lithuania) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
26 15.05.2011 Brest (Belarus) CAC сhampions ??? (???) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
27 20.08.2011 Veliky-Novgorod (Russia) CACIB сhampions A. Zhuk(Belarus) excellent-3
28 20.11.2011 St. Petersburg (Russia) CAC сhampions Pokrovskaya J. (Russia) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS
29 20.11.2011 St. Petersburg (Russia) CAC сhampions Sedykh N. (Russia) excellent
30 10.12.2011 St. Petersburg (Russia) CACIB сhampions ???(???) very good
31 11.12.2011 St. Petersburg (Russia) CACIB сhampions Ovsyannikova J. (Russia) excellent-2, RCAC
32 15.06.2013 Brest (Belarus) CAC сhampions Kravtsov J. (Belarus) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB
33 20.09.2014 Brest (Belarus) CAC veterans Pimenova G. (Belarus) excellent, CW, CAC, BOS, BOB, BOV, BIV-1


Junior Champion of Belarus
Champion of Belarus
Сhampion of Russia
Champion of Ukraine
Grand Champion of Belarus
Breed Champion


Nickname: Reis von Weissnachte
Date of birth: 14.07.2006г.
Breeder: Shestak L.
Birth place: Belynichi village, Mogilev., Belarus
Height: 45 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Girth of wrist: 11 cm
Health and Testing of *:

Detailed pedigree

Esteday Ivning Silvery Viking Ch Breed
Color: ps
Highslide JS Jetaime Talhi La Fayette
Jetaime Talhi La Fayette
Int. Ch, Ch Rus, Blg, Blr, Rom, Lv, Est
Color: ps
Wurft.: 11.04.1999
Highslide JS Stahlkrieger,s Magnum Force
Stahlkrieger,s Magnum Force
Int. Ch, JWW, Euw, CH It, Fr, Mco, Sp, Sm, Lux, Usa.
Color: ps
Wurft.: 10.02.1997
Highslide JS Jetaime Bellisima
Jetaime Bellisima
Euw-2000, WW-2001, Int. Ch, Ch Rus, It, Blr, Pl, Club.
Wurft.: 10.03.1995
Highslide JS Cherocky
CH BLR, Breed
Wurft.: 01.05.1995
Oreon Zefris
Color: ps
Highslide JS Laura


Color: ps
Highslide JS Ermak Timofeevich
Ermak Timofeevich
Ch Breed
Color: ps
Wurft.: 22.06.1998
Highslide JS Prima Effendi Snel
Prima Effendi Snel, Ch Rus, Lt, Ua, By, Est
Color: ps
Wurft. 10.10.1992
Highslide JS Naitingeil
Color: ps
Wurft.: 07.10.1995
Highslide JS Barbi


Color: ps
Highslide JS Darling Bris
Darling Bris
Ch Rus
Color: ps
Wurft. 16.02.1992
Highslide JS Europa Tromel
Europa Tromel
Color: ps